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Sure, we have a free daily aviation digest you can sign up to. This digest contains the daily top aviation news stories. 

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No, Simple Flying does not accept guest posts of any kind. 

We do however work with select clients on sponsored articles. If you want to find out more please request our media kit below. 

Simple Flying is an independent free to read aviation news website based in the UK. We have a team of over 25 people, all of whom work remotely.

To support our team and independent journalism we display ads. 

Our business costs include the following:

  • Paying editors, journalists, developers, social media managers, video producers, admin staff, designers and advertising sales managers.
  • Server costs, software subscriptions, security costs, email accounts and domains.

To find out what types of ads we show, please see our advertising policy on this page.

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No. Simple Flying is not affiliated to any airline or manufacturer. 

We are an independent publication based in the UK. To find out more about Simple Flying, please visit our about us page.


Our media relationships:

  • Simple Flying regularly attends PR events held by airlines and travel companies. Attending events is a great way to give you, the reader exclusive aviation coverage. 
  • On rare occasions we sometimes accept “free” flights in order to review an airline or new product.
  • An example of this is when Virgin Atlantic launched their new upper class suite. At the bottom of the article you will see: “Simple Flying/Joanna Bailey traveled as a guest of Virgin Atlantic”
  • When Simple Flying or its content creators accept something for free, it will be clearly labelled and pointed out.
  • Furthermore, we will always remain honest wether the coverage is negative or positive.

You can read our full content disclaimer here. 

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