Simple Flying is the disruptor in aviation media.

Here's what we cover:

  • Airline news
  • Manufacturer news
  • Industry analysis
  • Incidents and events
  • Historical stories
  • Airline reviews

Company information:

We are a UK based private limited company and trade under the name Simple Flying Limited and our company number is: 11588794. For more details, or to contact us please visit this page

Meet our team:

Simple Flying has a fully remote team based in 14 countries. 

Founder And CEO @ Simple Flying! Obsessed with commercial aviation and flying. My favorite aircraft is the Airbus A380 just due to its sheer size! 

Editor @ Simple Flying! Freshly repatriated after four years of travel across four continents with two kids in tow. Now at the helm of all content published across Simple Flying.

Content Manager @ Simple Flying! An aerospace technology graduate with a passion for writing. Is a certified pilot after a year working in the Los Angeles general aviation scene.

Deputy Content Manager @ Simple Flying. Washington DC-area based frequent flier with a passion for North American aviation. His favorite aircraft is a tie between the Airbus A330 and Boeing 767.

Journalist @ Simple Flying. A Digital Nomad, NGO Photographer, and Videographer originally from Vancouver.
Deputy Editor @ Simple Flying. London based avid flyer. He has used his flying experiences to learn new languages and explore unique cultures around the world. His most recent adventure was a trip to the Bolivian Amazon.
Journalist @ Simple Flying. Based in Northern NSW, Australia. Favorite airline: Singapore Airlines. Obsessed with frequent flyer points.
Journalist @ Simple Flying. Travel addict and British francophile based in France. She has a passion for publishing and drinking tea in as many countries as possible.

Journalist @ Simple Flying. Aerospace-Engineering Student, crazy about planes and football. Based in India. 

Journalist @ Simple Flying. Writes about aviation developments in the Balkans. His passion for politics and economics shapes the way he sees the world, especially the aviation sector.
Journalist @ Simple Flying. Ten years working across China and Asia, now based between UK and Hong Kong. Writes about all things travel, history and loyalty related.
Journalist @ Simple Flying. Based in SE Asia.

Journalist @ Simple Flying. Passionate about aviation since a child. Loves spotting planes. Particularly keen on the business side of aviation.

Journalist @ Simple Flying. Traveling in a van around Europe. Happiest in the forest. Favorite place: Borneo.

Journalist @ Simple Flying. Former airline employee with a passion for flying based in Spain.

Journalist @ Simple Flying. All seven continents visited, 64 countries and counting. Favorite airline: Porter Airways in Toronto.

Journalist @ Simple Flying. Based in Mexico. Constantly thinking about travelling and writing. Fan of the Airbus A220.
Trip Reporter @ Simple Flying. Paul is one of the world’s most loved trip reporters on YouTube. He travels the world non-stop, reviewing airlines in all classes!